Ghosting: Yeah.. it’s a thing.

Here’s how it happens. You first meet at a Starbucks and coincidentally order the EXACT same drink. You decide to grab a seat together and then you get to talking. All of a sudden hours have gone by. You exchange numbers and agree to meet again. Things seem to be going amazingly well. You’re even thinking about bringing him home to meet the parents. Big step right? Then it happens. He stops responding to your text. Total douche move, but it does happen and way too often if I do say so myself. Now what do you do? On one hand if you keep calling/texting repeatedly, you’re a complete nut. But on the other hand you do deserve some type of an answer.

Well ladies, welcome to the 21st century dating conundrum, aka: ghosting. If you haven’t grasp the concept by now, ghosting is essentially when the guy you have been dating just falls off the face of the earth. Or at least that’s what we hope happened to him. You would think that this day in age it would be much easier to track done a guy gone missing, but ironically enough technology makes it even easier for them to stay off the grid.

Before there was Tinder or any online dating, you usually met a person through mutual friends. That meant, if things started to go south, you would actually have to be straight up and HONEST with your date! How crazy is that?! But now, thanks to social media, guys (and some girls too) are able to jump ship with zero warning leaving you in the ocean alone without a life vest.

​The most frustrating part about being ghosted is that you’re most likely never going to get an answer as to why they bailed. The good news—you’re back on the market. Single and ready to mingle. The bad news—you’re still stressing about that a-hole who disappeared. There’s a very simple solution to getting over this horrific act; accept it and MOVE ON! We all know guys aren’t very good with showing their true feelings, so it doesn’t make sense to sit around and sulk all of the time. You are a badass woman and worth way more than some immature boy who is only going to make you feel bad about yourself. You know that, and no one else can validate that for you.

And to the guys; just man up. One simple text can save you from weeks of endless phone calls and texts from your old fling. You wonder why women are so crazy, well here’s your answer! Having respect for a woman is a complete turn on, remember that!




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