How to Handle Dating a Busy Person.

We all know that one person who is constantly on the go. Maybe they are super busy focusing on their career, traveling a lot for work, or maybe even still in school. Whatever the case may be, their schedule is always full and trying to take them on a date is basically impossible.
I know this person. I AM this person. My job pretty much consumes my life and trying to find that perfect balance between work and a social life is like another job in itself. Just like so many other people out there, I have a job that requires my attention even on the weekends. Crazy right? There are actually people out there who THRIEVE to work on the weekends while others cringe at the mere thought. When those two worlds collide, the dating can be a bit rocky. Here are a few tips to help both parties involved feel satisfied.


1. Set aside time at night during the week:

I understand, it’s really difficult to plan any sort of date or just interaction when your schedules conflict. My soon to be hubby works EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND! I sometimes get a bit envious of those cute couples sitting outside a café on a Saturday morning, enjoying their coffee together. But this is life and we just have to deal. Well usually plan a “date night” during the week and clear out our evenings just for “US” time. Well either grab a quick bite to eat or go see a movie.


2. Be Reasonable:

I’m a freelance writer and with that, sometimes I get offered last minute jobs to work on. I very rarely turn down a chance to work (and get paid. I mean, who doesn’t love to shop?) However, when you’re first starting out in a relationship, this can be challenging. This is when good old fashioned communication comes into play. Be honest with the person you’re seeing. If both of you are on the same page about moving forward with the relationship, then you need to make sure all expectations are laid out on the table. You can’t expect someone who is focusing on their career to just drop everything because someone new is in the picture.


3. Don’t be Afraid of Technology:

People are always bashing texting, emailing, and face timing. But for a person who is always on the go, these means of technology are a life saver. Chances are that they are already using these tools for work so getting them to engage shouldn’t be so hard. I love when my fiancé sends me a cute picture of him at work looking all sexy in his suit. It kind of makes the anticipation of finally seeing each other in person that much greater.

4. Make The Most of Your Time Together:

If you can only see your significant other once or twice a week, do not sit and harp on the time they declined your face-time invitation. Embrace these moments together and try to create as many new memories as possible. The more intimate, the better because this is forming your relationship and bringing you both closer. With that being said though, not every date has to be insanely over the top. Something as simple as ordering a pizza and watching something on Netflix can generate the best memories… And the best sex!



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