Why The F*CK Are Bad Boys So Sexy?!

[photo cred: google images]
[photo cred: google images]
OK—he’s hot! Like the kind of hot that is also kind of dirty. You know exactly what I’m talking about; bad boys. Why do we as women find this to be so damn attractive? Are we just, as Lady GaGa says, “born this way?” Or is it something that society gleams as glamorous? I really have no idea, but I have had my fair share of bad boys and let me just tell you; woah!

Good girls view bad boys like a fake Fendi bag they just found at a yard sale. Sure it may have some stains and smell like someone threw up in it, but once we wash it and spray it with something nice, maybe this piece of trash is worth something! I once dated a guy who worked at an amusement park. He flipped burgers and smelt like an old, run-down bar. He liked wearing tie-dye shirts and gym shorts that I’m pretty sure he’s had since high school. He was covered in tattoos and did things his own way which at that point in my life I found very attractive. I was a rebel without a cause. He was super sweet and at first treated me well, but there was only so much of that “grunge” look I could tolerate. Once things started to get a little more serious, I started to buy him nicer clothes and even had him bathing regularly! I invested a lot of time (3 years to be exact. I know, I’m an idiot) in making him an even better version of himself. I know it sounds horrible, but I did this with all the best intentions. I have a habit of always trying to help people better themselves but sometimes it just makes me look like a nut. I felt like he could have a lot of potential; even if he did ride a bike to work and spent most of his paychecks on weekend festivals that I wasn’t invited too. After he fell off the face of the earth, (see my previous article on “Ghosting”) it became clear to me that refurbishing old, worn down, garbage was just NOT my forte.

After growing up A LOT, I realized that I prefer a man who has a strong head on his shoulders, wears suits to work, (shout out to my fiancé,) AND has the means of transportation with more than two wheels! We all go through this phase and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I feel like it makes you realize even more of what you are worth. Bad boys can be fun and don’t get me wrong they can also be sweet and romantic too. Dogs can also be sweet and attentive as well, but those also take a lot of work, time, and patience. Think of it like a movie; ten times out of ten the superhero will attract the girl more so than the villain.

All in all ladies, bad boys are only fun for a short period of time. And fella’s, you don’t always have to be an asshole in order to get the girl.


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