When Amy Schumer is Your Spirit Animal!


​Raunchy, rough, and always real; Ladies and gentlemen, Amy Schumer! Amy is a woman after my own heart. I feel like if I met her out at a bar we would instantly become the best of friends. Amy is my spirit animal and this is why. We both share a common interest and that would be sex. My friends and I talk about sex all day, every day anyway so why not add one more to the group?​Whether she is onstage at a comedy club or writing sketches for her hit Comedy Central Show, Inside Amy Schumer, you can probably bet your first born child that there will be a joke about how that same child came about. However being a bit perverted isn’t always on Amy’s mind. If you just so happened to have caught the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year awards back in June, Ms. Schumer was made a pretty captivating speech. This speech was about her weight and she was very forth coming about it during her acceptance speech. In case you missed it Amy so eloquently blurted out, “I’m 160lbs and I’m still able to catch a d*ck!” Now THAT my friends is a girl who is comfortable in her own skin.

​The 31 year old comedian opened up in Glamour’s August cover story about how no woman should EVER have to apologize for their bodies—or their sexuality. Amen, Sista! When the comedian accepted the Peabody Award, (which is one of the most prestigious awards in television) for her show Inside Amy Schumer, which is constantly breaking down boundaries and gender stereotypes, Amy stole the show by making out with the presenter Tina Fey. That is something that will stick in your mind like gum to the bottom of your $800 Louboutin’s.

​Amy Schumer’s success did not harvest overnight. It took years of hard work and dirty jokes. It definitely took her awhile to get to this point in her career, but her progress is not only impressive it’s also inspiring. And that is why Amy is my #WCW this week. In my opinion, the world needs more Amy’s and less Kim K’s, (seriously no offense Kim!)



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