Robin Roberts [Inspirational Women Essay]




Robin Roberts is a name we have all heard of numerous times this past year. While battling breast cancer, Robin won over America’s hearts with her courageous story of strength and her positive outlook on life. Robin grew up in Pass Christian, Mississippi, where she was quite the athlete. In High School she played basketball and tennis and a few other sports. Miss Roberts attended Southeastern Louisiana University, majoring in Journalism and playing tennis. She graduated in 1983 and had dreams of following in her older sister, Sally-Ann Roberts footsteps as a News Anchor.


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Our upbeat athlete started her mainstream career in 1983 as a sports anchor and reporter for WDAM-TV in Hattiesberg, Mississippi. In 1990, she joined the ESPN team and became well known for her catch-phrase, “Go on with your bad self!” In 1995 she also joined the GMA cast, where she has made that her now permanent home.

Robin began her amazing fight in 2007, when she was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. She really showed her fans how amazingly strong she is as she underwent surgery, completed eight chemotherapy treatments, and then followed up with 6 ½ weeks of radiation. In 2012 though, Robin had to make probably one of her biggest decisions in her life. Shortly after being diagnosed with MDS, (myelodysplastic syndrome), Roberts decided to take a leave of absence from GMA and undergo a bone marrow transplant. As Robin left to take care of her health, camera’s followed her journey. She also received a phenomenal amount of support from her fans. Between Twitter filling up with #TeamRobin tweets and the newfound organization “Swabbin’ for Robin”, she made an exceptionally speedy recovery.

Robin Roberts is an inspiration to us in so many ways. She has been such a fighter throughout her journey and has never once given up, no matter how tough her obstacles seemed. Her style is just as fierce as her “fighter” attitude! No matter what, she is always looking so stunning. “Go on with your bad self,” Robin!




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