The HILARIOUS, Vinny Fasline

You may not know it yet, but Vinny Fasline is about to be your new favorite person and possibly your new #MCM. Don’t be fooled by that adorable smile though because Vinny is more than just a pretty face. This week I had the absolute pleasure interviewing Mr. Fasline; a 29 year old up in coming comedian who resides in L.A (so THAT’S where all the good looking, FUNNY guys live…) He started his career in Pittsburgh, which also gave it’s start to comedic legends such as Billy Gardell, Dennis Miller, Steve Byrne, and Eddie Ifft. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor and having surgery in 2000, Vinny found an outlet for his experiences through stand up. He is taking over the comedy world and is now a regular at comedy clubs in LA. He also performs all over the country with some of the biggest names in comedy such as: Dane Cook, David Spade, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Chris D’Elia, and MANY more. I just have one question for you Vinny; CAN WE BE FRIENDS?


Check out my interview with Vinny Fasline here:





JT: Do you write your own routines?


VF: Yeah I do write my own material. In order to be a good comedian there must be truth behind it. It makes it real and funny.


JT: Where do you get your material?


VF: Through my own personal experiences, observations, opinions, and sometimes current events. Whether it be my troubled past, family stories, or hot topics in the news.


JT: Have you ever done a show and had people NOT laugh? What do you do in that situation?


VF: I have done many shows where people didn’t laugh. Eventually after years of practice you don’t experience those shows often, but when you first start stand-up comedy you will suffer through many terrible gigs. It takes years to get comfortable and build up funny material. In that situation, you keep pushing through the show, shake it off, and continue doing more shows in order to learn how to never suffer that feeling again.


JT: So comedy? Have you always been the so called “class clown?”

VF: I have always been a funny kid, however back in 2000 I had a brain tumor and had brain surgery. It was through that experience that helped me be a bit more fearless…and I though what’s scarier than stand-up comedy? So after the surgery, my supporting mother got me into a stand-up comedy class. I enjoyed it and years later took it comedy seriously…haha


JT: Where did you come from? What type of family did you grow up in?

VF: I was born in Youngstown Ohio and moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania during high school. I grew up in a traditional Italian-American family lifestyle…lots of food, fighting, and loving each other dearly.


JT: In your opinion, who influences the most? I know you’re friends with Dane Cook, how has his friendship helped you in a positive way?

VF: Yeah, Dane has influenced me a lot through my career. I started watching him in college, so now that I get to do shows with him and call him a friend it is pretty wild. He has taught me a lot and motivates me continuously. There are so many other influences as well, Steven Wright, Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey…the list goes on.


JT: What makes your stand-up comedy unique and different from other comedians?

VF: It’s about my life, my family, my tragedies, and my opinions. Comedians can’t make jokes about my brain tumor experience or stories about my family and I am working hard try and be more honest.


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