Why Dating a Girl who LOVES Sports is THE BEST

August 30th, 2016 | Jessica Baeza

Having a girlfriend generally a blissful experience, and that’s the truth (sorry playa’s.) Realistically your girl will compliment you, make you happy, and obviously and most importantly understand you.

When you get into a relationship one of the things that make it so special is having things in common. Nothing spells out “understanding” like someone who not only appreciates what you love most but will actively enjoy it with you.

Yes, guys, having a girlfriend who loves sports is just a totally new level of amazing. I, myself, am very much into sports. Sunday’s at my place have become reserved for football, family, and tons of champagne. What makes it even more special is my guy and I favor the same sports teams!

I decided to branch out and ask a handful of guys (and girls) why they think it’s best to date a girl who’s into sports. So fella’s if you were having any doubts, here are 15 reasons why guys prefer girls who are into sports:


  1. She’ll Have no Issue Eating Terrible Food With You: Burgers, fries, wings, and of course beer: It’s all a recipe for disaster, but when your team is playing who really cares. And having a girlfriend who isn’t afraid to indulge every so often is a total win. She obviously knows and appreciates how much greasy food and sports go hand-in-hand.
  2. She Won’t Distract You During The Games: This was a big issue with a lot of my guy friends. Most of them said they couldn’t date a girl who didn’t understand sports because they’ll ask too many questions during the game. Nobody wants to miss an important play and then have to watch it over and over again on “SportsCenter” the next day.
  3. Your Girl Will Rock a Sweet Jersey : Wearing a cute, fitted NFL women’s jersey is one of the most low-key adorable things your girlfriend will do.
  4. She Will Win Your Friends Over: And then we can just skip over the whole “will his friends like me?” phase of the relationship. This is something that is feared for all parties involved. Who doesn’t like a girl who can hold her own in any sports-related debate?
  5. She’ll Understand Why it’s Such a Big Deal to You: The wrong person will try to make fun of you once your team sadly loses and your whole week is ruined. When that happens, things can quickly go south. Next thing you know, you’re talking about how she leaves her toothbrush by the kitchen sink and talking about how you guys need to take a break! You do not need this type of negativity in your life. Not during football season.
  6. You’ll Get Extra “ME” Time: I pity the fool who doesn’t have a girl who loves sports. They likely have to allocate their “me” time to watching the game, which really is a pastime that everyone should love. Be with someone who loves the game just as much as you and not only will you always have someone to share all that fun with, but you won’t have the Monday Night Football game come back to bite you in the ass when you decide to ask for a little time to yourself with the boys. Everyone wins!
  7. You Won’t Have to Explain The Game: It’s very tiring and I don’t have time for it. Move along, please. Have you ever tried explaining the concept of “downs” in football? The pick-off in baseball? Intentional fouls in basketball? Offsides in hockey or soccer?
  8. You Will Always Get Bad-Ass Gifts: Unless your girlfriend is psychic, (not psycho,) you’re not going to be getting those tickets to the big game, that new jersey you wanted, or an autographed baseball. That is, of course, if your lady ISN’T into sports….
  9. She Won’t Get Offended by You Constantly Checking Your Phone: Because she probably will be doing the same thing.
  10. She Will Be the Best Girlfriend You’ll ever have…Listen, comparing girlfriends probably isn’t something you should be doing in your spare time. But when it’s so easy, which is usually the case when you have a beautiful girl that embarrassed your boys during the last Kobe vs. LeBron argument, you should take pride in it. So put a ring on it now.

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