My 27th year of life..In a nutshell.


My 27th year of life was a bit of a roller coaster, and this story will have a lot of twists and turns so please prepare yourself. In order to appreciate the year as a whole, I’ll start from the VERY first day of my turning 27.

At the time I was still working as a nanny, and sharing one car with Austin. I was able to use my employers car at work, so it made sense to just have Austin drop me off at work and then pick me up on his way home. Did I mention that I hated this arrangement? My husband is great at many things, but driving… NOT one of them! Anyway, we made plans the night before to go into Red bank and check out this new bar that had just opened. I was looking forward to dressing up and having a great night out with my friends and my fiancé (we weren’t married yet at this point).

Austin and I usually talk to each other throughout the day but for some reason I hadn’t heard from him at all. Until I get a phone call from his dad saying that he had been in an accident. Now, I’m not a heartless bitch, obviously the first thing I ask “is Austin ok?!” And he was… my poor car on the other hand.. not so much. I wanted to kill him because he had already totaled our other car months before.. BUT I was glad that he was ok.

One thing that I shouldn’t have done though was drive to the scene. But I just needed to check on my baby (the car) and when I saw how bad it was, I completely lost my temper, flipped out on Austin and accused him of texting while driving, and almost got arrested because the cop on the scene decided to be a real ball buster and thought I was going to beat Austin (obviously I waited until we got home.)

HELLLLLLLLLO 27!!! Not exactly how I wanted to start my birthday off! And to top it all off, it took us forever to get a rental car. The good news was, my car wasn’t totaled; the bad news was I had to pay almost 3 grand out of pocket for rental cars, and insurance deductibles.

There were some other parts of my 27th year that weren’t that bad.

I just so happened to get married! To my handsome, funny, smart, and not so good of a driver, best friend, Austin. Everything wedding related was absolutely PERFECT- from our backyard, café style engagement party, to my Champagne towers at my bridal shower, I had one hell of a wedding experience!

And my Bachelorette party… OMG! So much fun! Despite the fact that we had it the same day of our little mini hurricane, we all had an awesome time.

bach party


Our wedding was in October and as soon as I walked in to our venue I could see all of the hard-work Austin had put in to making the day so special. I had booked a suite for us for that night (bow chickaa bowww wooooow) but used it for myself and my girls to get ready in before the ceremony. We had the drinks flowing, Backstreet Boys blasting, and my photographer, Anthony, was like our personal comedian. He was absolutely amazing and took some awesome photos.


From the wedding we move on to my first book. I am so excited to share this news with you all because it’s something that I have been working on for quite some time now! It’s filled with hilarious stories of myself, my past dating life, and the stories of my friends as well. Just like everything I share with you guys, it’ll be filled with nothing but the truth… so help me God and all the other people featured in it. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of this year, so stay tuned and follow along!

Along with all of the amazing things that happened this year, there were some unfortunate events that occurred. In the beginning of December, my cousin Thomas suddenly passed away at the age of 28. This has been one of the most devastating losses that myself, and my family have ever had happened. Thomas and I became close at a very young age. He was more of like an older brother then a cousin. His mom, my aunt Grace, took us to the mall religiously and I could get WHATEVER I wanted! (so spoiled.. all the time!) I always looked up to him and honestly idolized him in a way that I don’t even think he realized. Especially when he enlisted in the United States Army. I was so proud of him for making that decision to defend our Country and bragged about him to anyone who would listen. I miss him so much, all day, everyday. His passing has affected me in ways that I didn’t even know could exist. One of those ways is to make sure I live the rest of my life in his honor. I’ve learned to never take anyone or anything for granted because you never know when your last day on this earth may be. He was and always will be my personal hero.


The end of my 27th year of gracing this earth did end on a more positive note; I FINALLY landed an ACTUAL writing JOB THAT PAYS! WOO HOO! As much as I loved teaching, writing has always been my passion and I’m so happy to have found an amazing company to work for. I also was promoted to Managing Editor for StoryChick Mag, and launched my own site!

So I guess it’s safe to say that #28 is starting off a little better than #27 did! I’m excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for me!




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