Don’t Shop; ADOPT. The Stories of Janie & Bailey.

You may have already seen this article posted on my lovely friend, Jamie Otis’ site. However, recently I linked up with (a non-profit, no kill animal shelter) in hopes to help educate people on the importance of choosing adoption when wanting to bring a new member of the family into the home.

So far, any animal that I have ever had in my life has been adopted through a shelter. That has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Knowing that I saved them from a terrible situation and brought them into loving homes really makes it so worth every second of the adoption process.

If you follow me on social media, then you’ve already seen numerous pictures of Janie (the cat) and Bailey (the troublemaker Pup), but you may not be familiar with their back stories. Of course they start out as heartbreaking, and if they were contestants on American Idol they would easily move on to the next round on feelings of guilt alone. But every sad story has a happy ending right? YOU be the judge:



               I adopted Janie back in 2011 from a local pet store. To be completely honest, I had NO intention of going to the store and adopting a pet. I actually went there to pick up filters and food for my turtles (I once had two turtles named George and Manhattan. They were the COOLEST pets to EVER have! I miss them both dearly). Whenever I go into any pet store, I instantly take a walk to the back where they house the pets that need adopting. I also do not discriminate towards animals and share the same love for both cats and dogs. So in the back of PetsMart, they usually only have a few older cats who need loving homes, but not this day! They were having an adoption fair and the isles were filled with puppies and kittens! I felt like I had died and gone to Pet Heaven. I actually thought about laying in the cages with the pups. As I was slowly dying inside because I couldn’t adopt a dog, and getting ready to just take my filters and leave, I happened to turn around and see this little, mini baby cat. She had these GIGANTIC green eyes and the coolest fur I’ve ever seen. Janie is a Calico cat and her coat is made up of black, brown, orange, and white fur. She was sitting in the cage with her brother, Stevie Ray, when this little boy came over a grabbed both cats. He was a little too rough with them for my liking so of course I had to stand by and watch like a creep. His mother told him he could only take one cat home and he picked the boy, Stevie. What else could I do but obviously talk to the foster mom about the other little kitten that was sadly left behind. She told me that both kittens were found behind a dumpster and were almost dead. They were brought to her house where she fed them, bathed them, and nursed them back to health. There was NO way I was NOT leaving the store without her. So, $300 later (donations and plus a ton of toys, treats, and a new princess bed), Janie was in her new home, and that was the most money I’ve ever spent on turtle filters!

janie and max

[Jane & her “uncle” Max. She’s on the bottom]



Bailey, my Pomeranian pup, came into our lives almost 3 years ago. My fiancé and I had been living together for a few months and every so often I would drop hints about wanting to adopt a puppy. Most of the time Austin would say no, but after months of pleading like a child to their mother, he finally caved and said yes, (I told him it was either a baby or a puppy. He chose puppy). So I started looking online for puppies who needed adopting. We went to a few places such as the ASPCA, but unfortunately we can only have a certain type of dog in our apartment as per our lease and they had a lot of Pitbull’s. I also really wanted a PUPPY, not a full grown dog. For some reason I decided to check out Craigslist, (sketchy, I know!) and I came across a lot of people who actually take from dog farms and kill shelters, and foster them until they find a home. I came across a listing from a woman who lived in Rahway and was looking for someone to take a 7-week old pup off her hands because she simply didn’t/couldn’t care for it. I did my thorough research to make sure she was an actual person, (I literally ran a back ground check on her) and told her I am MORE than interested in meeting this puppy. Again, after spending over $300 for new toys, a bed, and the best food possible, I was on my way to meet Bailey. The woman explained to me that the puppy was given to her out of nowhere and she couldn’t afford to care for him or give him the attention that a puppy needs. They already had a bunch of other animals and her son was Autistic. So needless to say, she had her hands full and was sad to see him go, yet happy to see that he was going with someone who would love him to pieces. He was the smallest dog I had ever seen! He must have weighed about 2 pounds and most of the weight was fur! They had been calling him “Twinkie” for the time being, so Bailey didn’t come about until later that night when we met after work. We agreed on a name so quickly, it was insane. But Bailey fit him because he looks like Baileys Irish Cream! I remember “B” being so excited when Austin got in the car, and he wanted to sit right on his lap. And it was at that moment when Bailey claimed Austin as his new BFF. Bailey is attached to Austin’s hip, and only likes me when I have food or when Austin is at work. Nice right?

baby bailey

[Mr. Bailey Baeza the day we brought him home. Can you handle the cuteness because I cant!]

I always tell my husband that if we are to ever win the lottery, we’re buying a house with a huge yard, and fostering dogs! If I could adopt every single dog or cat that needed love, I would. However, it’s already crammed in our one-bedroom apartment. That’s why you should all check out these local shelters that I have listed below. If you’re thinking about adding a new member to your family that has four legs, please look into adopting! It was the best decision we’ve ever made and these little fur babies will bring so much love and joy into your lives!



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