Why Traveling Solo is so Crucial

We are surrounded by numerous people on a daily basis. Whether it be at work, the gym, or even at the grocery store, we never seem to get a minute alone. With that being said, it is also perfectly normal to want to get away and just be for a while. Traveling solo is the perfect way to get to know yourself a little better while leaving your comfort zone and to gain new life experiences. When you’re out there in the world alone, you’ll learn to stop being so bitter and to appreciate all that is around you.

“To wander is to be alive.”- Roman Payne

So, why should one travel solo? Yes, thinking about leaving everything that you’re so used to (especially alone) can be a bit jarring, but isn’t life one big adventure? There are many advantages of traveling alone. Here are my top reasons why you should!

Scratch Things Off Your Bucket List:

As you get older, you start to realize how quickly life seems to come and go. Honestly, I feel like just yesterday I was in my senior year of high school, and in the blink of an eye I was getting married! I was never one to have a “bucket list,” but now I’m thinking it’s time to start one and actually follow through with it. One of those items on my list would be to travel more. If there is something on that list that you’re dying to do but have no one else to do it with, screw it! Go and enjoy yourself!

Opportunity to Meet New People:

Traveling alone gives you the advantage to venture out and meet new people. If you’re traveling to a place that you’re unfamiliar with, it might make sense to chat it up with the locals! Sure, you’ll be able to search online for all the cool hot-spots, but they’ll be able to show you their town through their eyes AND know all of the secret places the internet didn’t tell you.

You’re Free to Do What You Want to Do!

When you’re traveling with a friend or in a group, you have to make some sacrifices. One day you’ll have to do what they want to do and vice versa. When you’re alone, you’re free to do whatever it is that you want to or DON’T want to do. You are also not obligated to entertain anyone, just yourself!

NO DRAMA! (My Favorite)

I’ve gone on little weekend getaways with my friends before, and let’s face it, it’s super hard to try and please EVERYONE involved. When you’re stuck with a group of people for a certain amount of time, tensions start to run wild. You’re all disagreeing on a place to eat, someone is taking too long in the bathroom to get ready, one person wants to go to the beach but another wants to just go shopping. It’s exhausting! If you work a full-time job and interact with numerous people on a daily basis, then spending time alone is crucial.



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