I Spent The Afternoon Recreating Pictures….

I Spent My Afternoon Trolling My Husband’s Facebook… and here’s what happened:

 I woke up today with all the intentions in the world to sit my ass down, focus, and write a new post for my blog. But of course you know life happens… (i.e. old episodes of Sex and The City and taking a nap). When I finally woke up, I felt EXTREMELY inspired and went right on to Facebook! And as we all know I am creepily obsessed with my husband’s handsome face and started looking through our old photos.

That’s when it all dawned at me; I should take a bunch of pictures doing the exact same things that my husband is doing!

He claims to read EVERY.SINGLE.ARTICLE I post, but that mystery still remains unsolved. So I decided to put him to the test. I spent my afternoon trolling his Facebook and taking similar pictures. By taking these pictures, I noticed that we have A LOT more in common. Let’s see how long it takes him to notice that he is the star of this post!

austinpic for blog.PNG
Here is my husband.. Yummy, I know. #spankbankmaterial
  1. We both love to dress up for work and take selfies at our desks.jess&austin serious office pic
  2. We both love to gently hold things that we are building.building skill

3. We LOVE sporting the casual scarf and backwards hat. scarfs

4. Oh you know, just casually showing off our new watches. #ballerswatches

5. And last but certainly not least, we both love to strategically place our hands on our crotches whilst posing for a quick pic.



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