Breanne Eckleberry

I am so happy that my website is going in the direction I want it to go- the right way! If there is one thing I have learned during all of my creative writing & journalism internships is that it’s OK to start slow… And then GROW!

On behalf of the small team here at The Muddled MillennialI am happy to introduce to you guys our new writer, Breanne Eckleberry! Yes, we now have TWO Breanne’s who write for us. Well, if you want to get technical, we have one Breanne and one Brianne.

One of the cool things about having Bre join our team is that she is actually a friend of mine from HIGH SCHOOL! A very good friend I might add as well, (the first time I got drunk was with Breanne. We drank Vodka & Orange Juice & I remember sitting on the sidewalk crying for my mom…amateur.)  Even better now that she is willing to help my website to grow and become something amazing.

Want to know a little more about Breanne? Check out her bio here and keep an eye out for some of her amazing work!

“My name is Breanne and I am your (mostly) average 27-year-old female just trying to get by. I like to curse, drink and walk around with no pants on. I love the shit out of the people close to me and honestly, they’re pretty fond of me as well. My boyfriend Tom is my best friend. I drive him crazy ALL THE TIME, but he loves it. How boring would life be if your partner didn’t make you want to hang them outside every once in a while? That’s how I see it anyway.

I love being outdoors. Camping, hiking, kayaking, walking the beach, going out on the row boat, riding our tandem bicycle, drinking in the yard around a fire…I truly enjoy nature. There’s so much beauty to see!

Some other hobbies I have are eating and drinking. I could live off coffee, wine, and beer.  As far as I’m concerned the rest of my options are just not necessary. I also have an unusual love for hot dogs and I can’t explain it. The only thing I can tell you is if I ever was on death row and they asked me what I wanted for my last meal it would be a chili cheese dog. That’s not weird, right?

On a more serious note, I live with my boyfriend, his daughter (part-time) and our pets and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s teaching me to take a more positive outlook on life and love. This is something that I just know is making me grow as a person. We are making ourselves a home … together … And practicing for growing our family someday!”


bre bf pup
Breanne, Her Boyfriend, and their adorable fur baby!




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