Let Him Mold You

Written by: Breanne Eckleberry


I don’t know about you but that word makes me cringe. I’ve always hated trying new things. Whether it be something small like a new food or movie genres I don’t normally watch or something big like moving to a place I’m not familiar with or starting a new job. When you start a new relationship that can have an effect on how you two grow together.

bre drinking coffee

When I first met my boyfriend we were COMPLETELY different people. He was all red meat, Star Trek, roller blading and the same old local watering hole … I was all Nicholas Sparks, pasta, reading and … Ok, the same old local watering hole. My point is, we didn’t exactly have too much it common. At all. And I just was not willing to sit through his movies or put on a pair of roller blades.

It was a constant debate on where we were eating, what movie we were watching or what our weekend activities were going to consist of. He wanted to go out on the kayak and I wanted to go shopping or sit at a tiki bar.

As time went on, he slowly started introducing me to his world. I watched every Star Wars movie in 1 weekend. Movies that I always thought were stupid and had NO interest in trying! 2 days and a few takeout meals later and I was hooked!!! We now have a Star Wars shelf in our living room and play the Star Wars Edition Trivial Pursuit on a regular basis. Not only that but the girl that eats her steak killed 3 times over tried a bloody red steak … And liked it! And the man that is just not into romance movies… Watches the Notebook … And likes it!

bre bloody steak

Relationships are hard, and they’re even harder when there’s not a lot of common ground. I’ve always been so afraid of “losing myself” that I’ve never really experienced life through someone else and I think that’s a big part of why my previous relationships have failed. Now some of this may seem like common sense to you, but for me, it wasn’t. While there’s still a lot more room for me to grow, I think I’ve come a long way so far.

My point is if your significant other wants to take you to a concert that you have no interest in, go. If he wants to take you on a row boat in the bay but you’re afraid, go. There’s so much out there for you to experience, take advantage. Let him show you his world. Let him take you somewhere you’ve never been. Let him feed you his food. Let him mold you.

bre and bf on kayaks (356 x 356)


**All of these photo’s come courtesy of Breanne



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