Mandi Mitchell

Mandi is a millennial mom of three ADORABLE boys, who keep her on her toes, and she will be sharing all of her experience’s with us! Every day is a new adventure when it comes to having little ones around and we are so excited to have Mandi on our team to give us an inside look into motherhood! Check her out here:

“Hey, everyone! I’m Mandi, but I mostly I go by the name “Mom, Mom, Mommy, Ma, MOM.” I am an overtired 20-something-year-old boy-mom. My fiance and our 3 sons live in New Jersey, sorry for the disturbance. I am constantly battling between loving my kids and maintaining my sanity. I’m about to be on my second marriage because, hey, sometimes shit happens(for the better!). My job title should be “CEO of the Mitchell Household, Nurse, Referee, Maid, Personal Chef for those with picky palates, Taxi, Bodyguard and Personal Assistant” but I simply get labeled as a Stay at Home Mom. I’m stumbling through adulthood like a boss and still trying to get the hang of this whole parenting thing. Doughnut Enthusiast, Coffee Lover, Wine Aficionado, shopping addict and annoying selfie taking gym junkie. I am an avid user of profanity and have a sarcastic sense of humor so if you’re easily offended there’s no need to go any further but if not, pull up a seat and enjoy!”

Welcome to the team, Mandi!



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