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September 16th, 2016 | Jennifer Hackmann 

When people are looking for something social to do on a weekend; they usually head to the local bar. People love the whole bar scene. Let’s say it’s a typical Saturday night around 7pm, you’re at home putting on makeup and getting ready while “pre-gaming ” before going to the bar. At 9pm you arrive at the bar order your first drink of the night.  11 pm rolls around your more than a few drinks in and your hitting on the guy sitting across from you. By 1am your usually wasted, and rummaging through your purse to find money to take a cab home, or getting ready to spend the night at a stranger’s house only to do the “walk of shame ” the next morning.  Personally, I don’t care for the bar, I’d much rather spend time at a winery, here are 4 reasons why:


  1. It’s a daytime activity

Most wineries open their doors at 11am and usually are closed by 10pm at the latest( unless they are hosting a private party or wedding). They often have special events for the whole family to take part in, especially in the spring/summer season. Laurita winery even has a swing set, and a bouncy castle  for the little ones to play in while the adults enjoy their wine. The good thing about wineries closing in the early evening hours is that people don’t really get totally wasted. In my opinion, it’s a much more enjoyable experience when people go there to just have a good time, instead of going there with the intentions of getting smashed.


  1. Wineries are all about romance

Usually, when you’re at a bar there’s one thing on the guy’s mind when he sees a girl and that is getting laid. Bars are often for single people, whereas wineries are more geared toward couples and they serve as a nice spot for a date. The whole atmosphere is romantic with a very classy decor and beautiful scenery,  some even have fireplaces.


3 . The wine is amazing

A wine that you buy from a liquor store tastes nothing like wine made fresh from a winery. Wine from a winery is much better.  My hubby isn’t much of a wine drinker but he loves wine from the winery. It’s a good thing that we live about twenty minutes away from Laurita winery now because whenever we want to want a bottle of wine,  we skip the liquor store and go to the winery just to purchase a bottle or two. If you’ve never had freshly made wine from a winery you should definitely try some, I guarantee it will change your view on wine.


  1. It’s an overall great experience

I’ve been to quite a few bars since I’ve become of drinking age, and every time is the same; you walk in, sit at the bar order some mediocre food and a drink and pretty just keep repeating that until you leave. The winery  is different, I’ve only been a few times but each time was a new experience. Sometimes they just have wine tastings and a jazz band, sometimes it’s a sit down fancy meal with record dinner music or an outdoor event with a  live band with food trucks and fire pits.

So the next time you’re bored on a Saturday, instead of your regular trip to the local bar branch out a bit and try a winery you won’t regret it!


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