Let’s Get Physical!

Written by: Breanne Eckleberry 

Looking for something new and exciting to do with your partner? Have you tried getting physical? Ok, ok, not like that. I’m talking about going on an adventure. There’s just nothing like getting down and dirty with the person you love. Pushing each other to the limit. Seeing the beauty that nature has to offer. Dancing. Getting competitive.

I have compiled a list of some outdoor/indoor physical activities to light a spark for you and significant other. Whether you’re looking for something soothing and sensual or something rough and rugged you’re sure to find something you like!

Starting off with my personal favorite… Go for a hike. Pick a park, pick a trail, tie your hair up and put on some stretchy pants. There are so many places you can go where the view alone will make all the sweating worthwhile.

If you’re looking for something easy to start off with try Allaire State Park. What’s great about Allaire is that you can also appreciate history and grab a snack or a train ride all in the same place. Start your day by taking your booties out in the woods to hike some trails. They will take you all over the park and through some beautiful scenery. If you get lucky you may even find a rope swing hidden in the woods! While the water is not big enough to jump down into it, it was fun to swing all the same. After hitting the trails you can end your day with a $4 (prices vary depending on special occasions) train ride to relax those legs!

Now, for a little more adventure, I suggest taking a ride into Pennsylvania. This is my all time favorite weekend spot and probably my favorite place on the East Coast. Bushkill Falls offers 4 different hiking trails ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours and holds a total of 8 waterfalls. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and is honest money well spent. (Park admission for adults is $14.50)  While the longest trail is only about 2 miles, it is a constant battle of up and down stairs and hills. (Last time my boyfriend and I went I needed a little pep talk to get me through the last of it! I then got Ice cream at the finish line and all was well in the world.) The experience you two will share here is like no other. Take the long trail, challenge each other, enjoy the view, stand in front of that waterfall…and then go play mini golf or rent a paddleboat … After you get your ice cream.

bushkill 1 bushkill 2

Next up on my list is something that’s sure to make you lift each other up! And then maybe drop you on your butt. Rock Climbing. I just did this for the first time a few months ago and it was so much more fun than I expected. We went to a place in Middletown called Gravity Vault. It’s a little more pricey of an activity ($50 gets you both 1 trainer to share for an hour) but it’ll have you feeling on top of the world(ok, on top of the wall) when you’re done. There are different walls for different experience levels and the trainers are fantastic. Our trainer started us off on the beginner wall and then moved us around according to our strength and ability. It’s a fun way to start a mini competition with your other half and see who can climb the bigger and worse a wall. I’m not going to tell you who won between me and boyfriend, but it wasn’t me. If you two enjoy it you can even end up becoming certified so you’re the one holding the rope at the bottom while your man tries to tackle the wall. Just think of that booty view!

gravity vault 2gravity vault 1


Ok, ready to slow it down a little? This next one I haven’t personally done, but it is definitely high up there on my to-do list. My boyfriend and I have been talking about trying it out for months now. Dance lessons. Dancing is just a great way to become in tuned with your partner, physically and mentally. It will bring you two closer together and allow you work as a team to accomplish a common goal. Just think about it… You’ve got sexy music playing, arms wrapped around each other, moving in synch to the beat. You just can’t get any more up close and personal than that (in public anyway!). And honestly, can you imagine the look on your relatives faces at the next wedding? The girl with two left feet who can’t seem to walk up stairs without tripping is out on the dance floor showing everyone up!

Finally, here’s one that I was absolutely terrified to try but couldn’t be happier that I did. Kayaking. Now I can’t swim (pathetic, right) so I was a little more than nervous to get out there but once I was out on that water all my fears went away. It’s such a great experience to share with your man and you two will really connect. We now have our own kayaks and live a block away from a creek and about 4 blocks from the bay so we can launch them out whenever we feel like.

kayaking 1 kayaking 2

There’re so many options out there for you and your significant other. So next time you’re looking for something to do, leave the movie at home and go get physical!


Photo Source: Courtesy of Breanne 


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