Wedding Tips To Help You Save Stress + Money

Most girls think about their wedding day from a young age. They think about the wedding theme, colors , their dress, and all the details that are somewhat minor compared to the bigger picture of the wedding day. As we women grow older we start to realize that there are much more decision making and planning that goes into a wedding than one has ever thought of before. Traditionally the bride and groom’s parents are said to help out financially with the special day, and some family members even offer to lend their opinions ,ideas , and advice during  the planning stages of the wedding. That situation isn’t always the case, some couples prefer to  take care of everything on their own, including financially paying for it. Either scenario that the couple chooses  their decision will come with a little stress and maybe  even some drama. I personally am engaged right now, and our wedding date is almost exactly a year away so I wanted to give you all some advice that I’ve learned this past year while being engaged:

Have a prolonged engagement:

My fiancé Kris  and I got engaged last summer on August 12,2015. Our wedding day is on August 12, 2017.  Soon after we became engaged we realized how expensive it was to plan a wedding.  We also decided that we didn’t want the financial burden to be on either set of our parents and that we were going to pay for the wedding all on our own. We chose to have a two-year engagement, doing it that way gave us time to save up money. It also allows more time for you to choose vendors and make final decisions. Typically couples have their wedding within a year or sometimes months of being engaged and they often feel rushed by certain timelines which can end up causing added stress. So it’s better to just allowed yourselves extra time.

wedding day

Don’t rush into choosing the bridal party:

Within hours of my fiancé purposing to me, I started calling people and asking them to be in the wedding party. I was wrapped up in the excitement of it all and jumped the gun with asking, I didn’t even think the decision through. A few weeks later I decided that I wanted to change my maid of honor, well I ended up really hurting my sister in the process. I apologized but she wouldn’t even talk to me for almost two months. Eventually, she got over it and everything is fine now but if I had the chance to do things over I would have taken a month if not longer to really think about who I wanted in my wedding party before making a quick decision like I did. Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life so the less stress and drama you have during the planning stages the better your big will be.

Make sure that you look into the surrounding states when choosing a venue:

If you’re a “bride  on a budget” like myself,looking at wedding venues can be very overwhelming especially when you and your fiancé are financially responsible for your own wedding. When we were first looking we noticed that the headcount for most of the venues in New Jersey is $80-$100 a person. We were freaking out thinking,  “how the hell are we going to pay for this wedding ourselves when everything is so expensive!!?!”  We started to get very worried and frustrated but then something inside me told me to look into venues in Pennsylvania. What I found kind of amazed me. Pennsylvania venues are  significantly cheaper than venues in New Jersey.  The venue we chose for our wedding day is only $35 per person. Wedding vendors are also a lot cheaper in PA. Our photographer’s best package is only $1,650 whereas a photographer from NJ charges $1,800 for their bottom package. It’s the same way for the DJ, florist, baker pretty much all the vendors. So when you are looking to save money when it comes to wedding planning you need to be open minded.

***(NOTE: I’m not sure if this tip works for other states but it definitely won’t hurt to look and see.)

At the end of the day, it’s YOUR wedding!


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From the very beginning of wedding planning, unfortunately, there will be someone who will feel the need to voice their opinions on certain aspects of your wedding. DON’T listen to them. It’s your day, not theirs. You are the one paying thousands of dollars and spending time thinking about every detail down to the grooms sock color, they aren’t. So do what you want, this will hopefully be the only time you get married so it’s important to make sure you have no regrets.

Whether you choose to use these tips or not, please make sure you have fun during the planning process!  I wish you the best of luck for a stress and drama free wedding.


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