What to Pack For When You Pop

Written by: Mandi Lee

Okay I know, we’ve all seen 100 different variations of these posts as to what to take with us when we make that final trip to the hospital but the one’s I’ve seen are mostly all the same and some leave out some pretty important items while others tell you to pack unnecessary things.

I’ve never had a c-section so I can’t be too informative about that but I can tell you what I packed and what I wished I packed for a natural birth.

A Robe. Make sure it’s a nice one. I say a nice one because of everyone taking pictures. I packed this one from PinkBlush Maternity.

pink blush maternity robe


Pajamas. This one is a no-brainer! Make sure they’re loose and comfy. Whether you are delivering naturally or having a c-section, you don’t want your clothes squeezing your tummy or your cookie (that’s an acceptable word for it right?) I bought mine from PinkBlush. Not expensive and super cute!

Shampoo & Conditioner. Please don’t forget these items! The hospital I was in didn’t supply any. I would’ve been so upset if I didn’t bring my own. I would’ve ended up looking like a grease trap.

2 in 1 shampp

Lotion. This isn’t absolutely necessary so if you forget it, no big whoop, but it does come in handy.

Nursing bra. Again, just something comfy and easy to use if you decide to breastfeed.

Money. Hospitals have vending machines and if you forget to pack your own snacks having money on hand is a must. Also, different hospitals have different rules with parking. My fiance didn’t have to pay every time he left and came back because they validated his parking but some places won’t do that. Better to be safe than sorry!

Snacks. Don’t go crazy. I packed some blow pops, chocolate, and peanut butter crackers. Hospital food is not my thing and sending the hubby out for fast food every meal gets too expensive. Packing some snacks is a good idea.

hospital snacks

Toothbrush & Toothpaste. Self-explanatory. If I need to tell you why, please steer clear of getting in my grill to speak to me.

Brush and Hair Dryer/Straightener. Now, the brush I took with me the first two times because of the obvious but I didn’t bring the dryer or straightener until my 3rd. I am so happy I did! Having my hair done made me feel a little less frumpy and a little more attractive. Any little bit helps, especially after you just popped out a tiny human the size of a butterball turkey.

hairbrush & straightener

You can get this 2 in 1 Brush & Straightener here

Makeup. Same reason as having to bring the hair dryer and straightener. You’re going to feel exhausted, unattractive and hate the fact that you still look 6 months pregnant. Plus, don’t forget all the visitors that will be taking pictures!

Phone & Charger. DO NOT forget this! I used my phone for everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Social Media, Camera, Video, Texting, Calls.

Purse. Make sure you have your license, insurance cards, debit or credit card and money like I listed above. My hospital had a professional photographer come in the room to take photos of my youngest son. I didn’t expect to buy any because it was a hospital photographer. The photos would be overpriced and the quality wouldn’t be that great. WRONG! I was amazed at how great my son’s pictures turned out, and that’s not just me being biased.

Glasses and Contacts. I took my glasses just in case because sometimes you’re told to take out your contacts. Regardless, it’s good to have both just in case.

Camera. If your hubby is great at taking pics go for it. I was fine with my phone. So this is one item I skipped putting in my bag.

Going Home Outfit for You and Baby. Don’t forget you’re not staying there. You and your new little bundle of joy will need something to wear home. I packed black yoga pants (still don’t want to wear clothes that are tight) and a tank top with a cardigan. Easy Peasy. And I’m sure you already have a matching outfit for your Little One, make sure to throw that in your bag as well.

You can buy cute going home outfits here

Pillow from Home. I didn’t take my pillow and I wish I had. The hospital pillows suck. Plain and simple.

Boppy Pillow. This is another item that I should have brought with me. It would have made feedings so much easier and more comfy but I left it at home thinking it was just another thing that I would have to carry in and out.

boppy pillow

You can purchase this pillow here

Hair ties. I am so so so happy I bought hair ties with me not only because I get mad when hair falls on my face, but it kept my hair from falling on my baby’s face.

FLIP FLOPS. If you want to shower during your stay, and if you’re like me at all and are afraid of germs (foot fungus) bring flips flops to wear in the shower. I went to old navy and got a cheap $2 pair, used them for the 2 days and then chucked them.

Clothes, Snacks and Toiletries for your Hubby. We can’t forget the men who put us in this situation. I was so thankful my fiance got to take off work for the 2 days I was in the hospital but because he never left my side we packed a bag for him as well.

Car Seat. Now you don’t need to take this in with you, but it does need to be installed before you leave with little one. They actually send someone outside with you to make sure it’s done properly.

Laptop and Charger. I see a lot of people who add this to their list. I didn’t bring mine and I didn’t miss it. Everything I needed was on my phone. I know some people like taking it to watch movies, though. I was too tired to sit through a whole movie and quite honestly, you’re going to have tons of guests and all your attention will be on your new baby.

Water bottles, pads, underwear, ice pack, breast pump, jewelry, medicine. All these things aren’t needed. The hospital will supply you with what the ‘necessities’ are.  And if you’re lucky, the maternity ward in your hospital will let you leave with everything that’s in your infant’s bassinet cart (excluding blankets and onesies).


The list seems long, I know, but trust me, packing these essential things will make the stay much easier. The last thing you want is to be holding your new addition and realize you forgot your camera or your phone is about to die because you left the charger at home on the nightstand. Make a list, check it twice. Pack at least a week before your due date and leave it in your vehicle (obviously, not your phone and wallet but you get the idea).

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