Men VS. Women

August 21st, 2016 | Kay Loven 

Men can piss out a small fire and they are good at opening jars because their thumbs tend to be stronger. Men tend to be stronger than women and more likely to dominate situations and people. Men have entirely more freedom to urinate outside because of their ability to whip it out. They still make about 30% more than women in the same positions as them and they still hold the majority of powerful positions and roles across all segments of society and the world. This gives men the ability to be more spontaneous and carefree than women, not to mention men don’t have as many natural predators as women because women tend not to victimize men the way men victimize women.

A woman’s biggest natural predator is a man. A man can also be a woman’s biggest protector, but it is best the woman learns to protect herself because men behave more predatorily. One problem is women are taught to rely on men and see them as the leaders. For this reason, women tend to let men dominate them even when it is unhealthy and stifling. A woman might prey on a man’s wallet, but men have been known to prey on women’s lives and wallets. Man are more likely to physically assault women.In fact, men commit over 80% of violent crimes.

If god is androgynous and a man and a woman represent god in unity when combined than as separate entities a woman is closer to god’s image than a man and a woman represents the purer side, the side closer to angels. Women are the givers of life, the incubators of life. A man is but a seed and a woman is a root and a plant that nurtures life. If life is created it has more to do with the fertile ground than the seed. Seeds die all the time. There is even a biblical passage about seeds withering and never seeing a day.

Men should be men and stick around and raise their offspring, but being a good father seems to be a dying value. There seems to be a lot of harlots in the 21st century and I’m talking about both genders forgetting their moral values and becoming sluts that look at each other more opportunistically than lovingly. What’s all this talk about I got to trap a man? I hear women talking about they are going to get pregnant by some sucker so they take care of them and the baby. And I hear men talking about the women they are dating like they are trashy whores. This has something to do with a messed up value system. Men looking at women as a w ay to get sex and women looking at men as a way to survive. It’s complicated because is some country it’s very hard for a woman to survive without a man as head of the house.

In spite the complications between the genders, women are extraordinary creatures that deserve respect and should officially start demanding it from men. The two minutes it takes for a man to cum is nothing compared to the nine months a woman is pregnant, the hours she spends in earth shattering labor before she hears the screams of her baby being born and the decades she cares for her baby. How dare men try to take so much credit for life? The credit is for women to take. We seriously carry the burden. You get to cum in pleasure and walk away, why something grows and changes our bodies inside and out. How dare men try to take equal credit for pregnancy? The credit is not equal, men play a small part in comparison and they treat women so disrespectful. Some cultures of men treat women like second class citizens. Women are not helpless weak creatures and I’m sick of the story of the weak woman.

We do not live as equals in the world. When we talk about the battle of the sexes do you want me to say men are statistically taller and women are better at communication? Women are just as capable as men. Women are just as smart if not smarter. If you look at the evolution of humans, the smaller humanoids tended to be smarter than the big Neanderthals because they had to be. Men are not villains and women are not victims, but we don’t understand each other, respect each other or work together like we should and I would say that is because men think they automatically get a woman as a helpmate and that is how life works. A partner is a blessing not a birthright and men take it for granted and in some countries by force. Some men even pay for their wives and that is sort of disturbing because the foundation of a household shouldn’t be servitude.

I guess men and women have a lot to discuss with each other. Therefore, I leave this article as the gateway to a bigger discussion.


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