Artist to Watch: Lyon Amor Brave 

August 22nd, 2016 | Lyon Amor Brave

Honey Boo A Love Song!

Making music is supposed to be good for the soul, but in the 21st century making music can be hella stressful. Everybody is a critic. People’s first instinct is to tear you down, even your friends and family want to stuff your ego in your ass. It doesn’t matter what level of the game you are at, whether you are an amateur or a professional, people look for the flaws in your song.

Look at the youtube comments, every great performer from Beyonce to Kanye West have thousands of people telling them how shitty their vocals are and how generic their lyrics are. Beyonce is one hell of a woman, but people want to act like she stumbled across her success by luck. Kanya West is a bit arrogant, but to pretend like he isn’t an amazing performer is a lie. He’s king and she’s queen.

Haters are a part of the game. Being able to ignore haters is 80% of the battle because it’s discouraging. It’s discouraging when you record a track, invest your money and people say it was horrible. It makes you feel stupid for even trying. It’s hard to stay motivated without praise, without fans. I can’t even be mad at haters because I’ve told my rap friends to give it up nigga and get a real job. How long do we get to work on our elusive and impractical dreams before we go get a job at Walmart for good and settle into a regular life?

Do I feel stupid for making Honey Boo? No. I know Honey Boo is not perfect. I didn’t even mean to record it. It honestly was made spontaneously on the spot in about 20 mins being squeezed into the end of a recording session revolving around a completely different song. Considering Honey Boo was nothing more than an underdeveloped idea that got blurted out towards the end of a recording session and was never meant to exist, I think it turned out really well.

I think Honey Boo is fun, cute, commercial, likable and ready for radio play. It’s not the song that will make o12764678_117000542024868_3488186669876380664_or break my career and it’s not the song that’s going down in history as a truly great song, but it could be someone’s favorite summer jam for a season. I think it’s very reminiscent of love and that’s all the song is really meant to do is to remind us of that fun feeling of falling in love. Honey Boo is a light and happy song. It’s not a masterpiece and nob
ody is claiming it is, so calms down internet trolls.


The truth is I could make a song as immaculate as Adele and I’m going to still have disapproval somewhere. Every song I record I get better and better. It’s how you go from amateur to professional. It’s how you get experience. I’m not a perfect artist, but I’m talented. In some ways, I’m just beginning. Honey Boo is just a fun summertime love song and if you like it you love it. If you don’t, you don’t have to be a dick about it. I don’t get why so many people feel the need to destroy artists. People will leave the worse comments like your voice makes me want to kill myself.

On a personal level, I’m proud of myself just for stepping foot in the recording studio. It was a fun, unique experience. I like to spend my time and my money that way. Most people go to a bar or a movie for fun. I like pianos. Sometimes it’s not about fans. To be honest I don’t care about fans. I make music for me. Every time I do, I learn something and I have a lot of learning to do. I care about me and making music makes me feel alive even if it hurts your ears, but trust one day I will make a masterpiece and sometimes people don’t like masterpieces because they are too ignorant to understand them. Kids don’t like Mozart anymore. Mozart is my boo!

It’s hard because I love music and making it, but I don’t really have time or money for it. I don’t really have space to practice, so on the rare occasions I record, it’s very raw material and a lot of times it’s being tried out for the first time in the studio. Music is supposed to fit a generic formula, which means if you want to be unique or just sing what’s in your soul you’re screwed at least on a financial level. If you are trying to sell your music people don’t like new. They like familiar. There is always this battle between creating something that resonates with you and playing something that resonates with an audience you may have nothing in common with.

Honey Boo represents overcoming personal obstacles. It seems like I usually have a physical obstacle to overcome to get to the studio. It could literally be a crazy person standing in my way or just finding a way to come up with the money or if I’m in another country there could be a language barrier. Making music has a lot of challenges.

I hardcore had this psychotic woman try everything in her power to stop me from going to the studio and I made it there in spite her. She was an acquaintance and an Uber Driver and by Uber Driver, I mean she downloaded an app. This jealous cunt faced Uber Driver is going to drop me off in the middle of the road and try and break my laptop right before I recorded. I knew she was crazy, so my bad for associating with her in the first place.

I literally told the girl, “I’m on my way to the top and you’re on your way to a looney bin”.  I wasn’t even just talking about music. Music is a hobby, a luxury. In some ways, you have to be well off to dabble in music like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests. I was talking about life. I got into the grad school of my choice. I traveled all over Asia last year. I have people recruiting me to work with them, people offering to fly me out to Hong Kong. I’m going far in this life and music is just one of the many pieces of my puzzle and one of the Uber Driver’s pieces was Prozac and a straight jacket.





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