Breanne’s Updated Bucket List

September 8th, 2016 | Breanne Eckleberry 


Ok, so I know it’s only been a week (and 2 days) but I decided to give an update. While I haven’t gotten that much done, I am feeling accomplished. I know my goals, and I know it won’t happen overnight. Here is my progress:


1) Completely unpack my house – I cleaned ONE room. I had about 4 totes/boxes in the kitchen where my kitchen table should be and they’re GONE! I’m sorry that I didn’t take a “before” picture but check out my after! There used to be crap there…

2) Learn to cook – ok, this one and #6 are probably my biggest challenge, but I WILL get there! While I didn’t exactly cook a hot meal, I made cold macaroni salad with tuna for the first time! Pathetic, right…? Maybe next week…

3) Book Challenge – I finished two books, I’m about 75% done with another and about 25% into the fourth. This one should be a piece of cake!

4) Try Yoga – unless I can count my boyfriend and I trying the “Yoga for Dummies” DVD I picked up from the library after a pitcher of margaritas this one is still unchecked… Come to think of it, I probably should have taken pictures or videos from that night.

5) Hike in 10 different parks – one down! While I know I’ve been to Shark River Park before (I used to live right down the road) I never experienced it like this! This trip was one for the books! We also checked out Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park on our way home. I honestly wasn’t all that impressed (I got a regular Italian sub because I didn’t know they had a menu!) but it’s a favorite of my boyfriend’s.

6) Pay my credit cards down 50% – this is the one I’m afraid of! 50% of my balance is … Well, enough! While I did make a payment on each one I know it’s going to take a while to reach this goal. Good news is the only charge they saw was a $10 Redbox night! Score.

7) Start and finish my Christmas shopping early – nope … Haven’t started. I mean my birthday is still 3 weeks away! I’ll start after… I DID make a private Pinterest board with my gift ideas, though! That’s right, everyone is getting cheaper but more personal gifts this year! Be prepared… I’m not crafty.

So there you have it… My bucket list progress. I look forward to sharing more updates and I hope I get some feedback on yours!



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