Gift Idea’s For Your Guy

Septemeber 15th, 2016 | Dawn DePhillips

Whether he is a Millennial tech geek gadget guru, culinary genius, sports guy or just the guy who happens to have everything, buying a gift for your guy can be difficult. You can’t go wrong when you choose a gift by personality and hobby, and by knowing what your guy likes or needs will let him know how much you care.  Majority of the men I have dated were sports guys, and surprising them with Super Bowl or World Series tickets were always a big hit.  I feel that men appreciate the simple gestures and feel cared for when you are thinking about them and do thoughtful things.  So, if you need some ideas for a birthday or the holidays that will be coming up, below are some gift ideas for your guy.

Throw him a surprise party and get his old high school friends and other friends he has not seen in a while to show up and turn it up on his special day.  If you can’t get everyone together, you can do a group video message by contacting all his friends and family members to record a small video.  Your guy will be surprised to see all of the closest people in his life all on a video together.surprise-party

A home cooked meal is simple and will make your guy feel cared for when you are taking the time to cook his favorite dish.  Make a date night at home he will never forget, and take care of every detail.

Take him shopping and show him how to dress and look great.  Not all, but most guys are not paying attention to style trends and do not know how to match their clothes up.  They will end up having a wardrobe that looks great on them and they will look hot for you.

Put together a coupon book…sex is one way to spend time with your guy and make fun sexy memories together.  Be creative like putting together I.O.U. sex coupons.  I can guarantee he will be wanting to redeem them!


Take him to one of his favorite sporting events, or buy the tickets and give him a night out with one of his buddies. You can also search for something rare and unique like signed memorabilia from his favorite athlete or his favorite team.

Sign him up for a beer, wine or scotch of the month club.  Their favorite one will get delivered to their doorstep once a month, and they get to try all different varieties and become the best at-home bartender.

Go away together…find an affordable vacation to a place you both have been wanting to visit and go.  You will have the memory of an amazing vacation place that you spent quality time together at.

I recently found a great website that makes it easy to get a gift for your guy – check it out here at  They say ‘no’ to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. They don’t save wrapping paper, they don’t do ribbons. They are Man Crates, and deliver awesome gifts for men.  Check them out to find a great gift idea for your guy.

They say it is the thought that counts, but when you put some thought and consideration and have taken the time to think about your guy and their personal interests, then it is from the heart and your guy will love that you did this all for him to make him feel special.






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