National Baby Safety Awareness Month

September 21st, 2016 | Brieanna Fernandez 

In honor of September being National Baby Safety Awareness month, I thought I’d help all of the parents out there who practically faint from the cost of baby proofing their home!  As the program manager of a non-profit organization I have learned some of the most incredible and innovative ways to save money, but keep kids safe while having fun! Here are some cheap ideas:

Hack #1: You know when your toddler is running through the house and you scrunch up your face and tense your shoulders as they skim past the sharp corner of the entertainment center or coffee table!  Cringe no more!  Instead of spending 10- 20 dollars on a small roll of foam safety bumper strips, head over to your local dollar store or check in your garage for old pool noodles!  Cut a line down the center length wise and you now have an affordable edge cover!  Place the noodle along the edges to add not only a safeguard but some color to your home!

Hack #2:  I can just see you now doing the superman dive to stop your baby from grabbing the wires to the T.V.!  You probably have googled safety covers for wires and power strips before.  Expensive!  Grab an old plastic container that locks.  (example: food storage or shoe containers)  cut a hole for the wire to pass through and place the power strip inside.  The wires can now be plugged in safely and the box can be placed behind furniture or on a shelf! Beats paying $15 for a chord cover!

Hack #3: Babies are the most curious creatures!  They always seem to become mesmerized by the window blind chords!  Simple fix: go to your local dollar store and pick up a clothing hook.  These are usually adhesive and can be stuck right alongside the window!  Once you attach it to the wall wrap the blind cord around the hook!  No more choking hazard!

Hack #4: Ok parents, you know all those links to hang toys from the car seat or stroller handle?  They are perfect for locking up the cabinets! Hook the links together and attach to the cabinet handles!  This will be easy for you to unhook when you need to get in the cabinet and a mystery for your toddler.  This will keep them occupied and problem-solving for hours!

Hack #5:  You know that one door in your home the baby has finally figured out the doorknob on?  Don’t worry this one won’t cost much!  Go to the local hardware store and pick up a chain lock.  The chain will keep the door shut so that little Mr. or Mrs. Incredible in your life doesn’t make a run for it!

Hack #6: Outlets galore!  Outlet covers are not costly, but I know that it as parents you have a ton of things on your mind and don’t always have these on hand.  Quick fix:  Take some Duck tape and cover the entire outlet.  This will prevent little fingers from trying to plug anything in!

Hack #7:  The bath tub can be a dangerous place for a small toddler, but they think the “big” tub looks like fun!  A small tub from places like Walmart and Target can be costly.  A more cost efficient fix is an old laundry plastic laundry basket with slats.   Place your little one inside the basket to keep them in a smaller area with their toys and the water will fill inside.  This will give them a place to lean against without sliding down!

Hack #8:  Moms and Dads all those plastic bags you save from the store to use as bathroom garbage bags or for dirty diapers, need a safe place to store them?  Take an old tissue box and place the bags inside.  Put the box up high of reach and pull one out whenever you need!

Hack #9: Have vertical drawers?  Don’t want to buy all the safety drawer latches?  Here’s a solution!  You and the dollar store clerk will be on a first name basis soon!  Stop by and pick up a yardstick.  Slide the stick through the handles.  Your baby genius will not be able to open the drawers anymore!  This will keep all of the drawers closed!

Hack# 10:  I know, I know baby proofing is exhausting!  The last tip, before you are off and running around the house!  This is one that all parents can use!  Instead of purchasing a choking tube tester save an old toilet paper tube.  Any object that can pass through the tube is too small for your prince or princess to be playing with!  This is a quick, easy way to know what should be at the baby’s level!

This is just a few ideas to make your wallet and your baby happy!  Childproofing your home is an important way to allow your child to explore and learn without getting hurt.  If you have other ideas please share in the comments or contact us at The Muddled Millennial!


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