Interview with Mommy

September 27th, 2016 | Mandi Mitchell  

This week, we decided to have our writer, Mandi, go in a different direction with her article. If you have children or work with children, you know that they can come up with some pretty incredible (and hilarious) statements. Mandi decided to actually have a sit-down interview with her boys and jot down their responses. And let me just say, the answers are absolutely adorable! Check out the interview here:

“So instead of writing a serious post this week, I decided to interview my kids to see what they think of me. EEK! I wrote their real answers down, no matter how unflattering *sigh*


“What is something mommy always says?”

Aiden: Go to your room!

Carson: I love you!

“What is something that makes mommy happy?”

A: When I’m calm and cuddle

C: When I hug you

“What makes Mommy sad?”

A: When we break things

C: When I’m mean to you

“How does Mommy make you laugh?”

A: Funny faces

C: Make funny faces

“What was Mommy like as a child?”

A: Chubby

C: A cry baby

“How old is Mommy?”

A: 29

C: 29

“How tall is Mommy?”

A: I don’t know 25 feet?

C: 16 feet

“If Mommy becomes famous, what would it be for?”

A: Being a doofus on YouTube

C: Being smart

“What is Mommy really good at?”

A: At loving daddy

C: Good at science

“What is Mommy not good at?”

A: Juggling

C: Skateboarding

“What does Mommy do for a job?”

A: Taking care of kids

C: Take home kids

“What is Mommy’s favorite food?”
A: Chicken and rice

C: Peanut butter and Bananas

“What makes you proud of Mommy?”

A: You love me so much

C: You’re fun

“If Mommy was a cartoon character, who would I be?”

A: Anger from Inside Out

C: Leonardo because you’re the leader

“What do you and Mommy do together?”

A: We work together

C: We go places and we cut paper

“How are you and Mommy the same?”

A: Our faces and it’s creepy

C: We both have brown eyes and pink lips and cheeks too

“How are you and Mommy different?”

A: Our hair

C: You don’t get messy

“How do you know Mommy loves you?”

A: Because I’m your son

C: Because you show me you love me very much

“What is one thing mommy wants most for you?”

A: You want us to be on the right track

C: For me to be taken care of

“What do you wish Mommy would spend more time doing?”

A: Cuddling

C: Playing

“What’s one thing you want to Mommy to explain to you?”

A: Dangerous animals

C: Explain why you love me

What is mommy most afraid of?
A: Us getting married and never visiting

C: Vampires and bats

“What is one thing Mommy can’t live without?”

A: Me, Carson, Kingston, Daddy and Atlas

C: Knives

“If you could change one thing about Mommy what would it be?”
A: For you not to be sad

C: I want you to fart because farts are funny

And there you have it. I had fun interviewing my boys and now I know what to work on to better myself. Kids are the most honest people you’ll come across and it’s eye-opening to see what they actually think of you.”


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