Life Lessons You Learn in The Real World

October 4th, 2016 | Dawn DePhillps

All of us have spent more time than needed sweating over things that you did not need to worry about.  Life lessons are called that for a reason, they are your biggest teacher so use that education wisely.  Since there are so many lessons we learn from life, here are some of the ones that have helped me grow and continue to grow into the person I am today.

Be Fearless:

Fear will always hold you back. You will need to step outside your comfort zone or you will never move forward and grow.  Fear is only in your mind and we allow it to control our dreams, goals and our happiness.  Most things we fear will never happen.  The most interesting thing I have seen on the word Fear is when you spell it out -FEAR  = False Expectation Appearing Real.  Be fearless and be the best you can be.

Money Will Never Make You Happy:

I have met many people who have very little and live happy lives and have met many people are living on a lot and are miserable. Don’t expect what you can buy to make your life happy or better.  Happiness comes from within and money can’t buy that.  If you are lucky enough to have a lot, be generous to others who need it.


Get Rid Of The Rules In Your Head:

Get rid of the rules in your head on how things are “supposed” to be. You will miss out on opportunities because of your ego or what you think is supposed to happen or be happening.  It can only exist if we believe in them. Get rid of the rules and think positive things for yourself.  Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.


Do Not Try To Please Everyone:

We all want to belong, be respected, valued and liked.  Not everyone is going to like you, and you don’t need everyone to like you. Don’t expect others to give you the validation you seek -that comes from you.


Don’t Take Your Health For Granted:

Health is something we need to appreciate, nurture, and protect. A lot of us tend to take our health for granted.  Eat well, get enough sleep and take care of you – mentally and physically  Take time for you.


Things Don’t Always Work Out:

Some of the time things just do not work out the way you want them to, and that is okay.  At the time you are not able to see the bigger picture, but enjoy the ride because at the end you will see that those setbacks were leaps forward.


Trust Your Instincts:

It is your natural feeling of something, and most often always right.  Don’t doubt yourself, go with what you feel and don’t second guess it.



Have Patience:

If you got everything you wanted all at once, you would not appreciate any of it.  Good things take time and we need to learn how to give it time…it will happen.


Slow Down:

Try not to rush into things and see where it takes you. Enjoy everything, and stop to look around and enjoy what is around you. Don’t allow yourself to miss your life as it passes you by.


Appreciate The Simple Things In Life:

Simple things can be cherished.  Hearing children laugh, stopping to smell a beautiful flower, holding the hand of someone you love, listening to your favorite song. The list can go on. Simple things are beautiful, appreciate all of them.


 Pay Attention – Not Everything Is About You:

Pay attention to what is going on around you.  It is not always about you.  By not taking things personally, will help keep things in perspective.


Perspective Is A Great Thing:

We can all lose our perspective because of things that are happening in our lives that are important.  Get perspective on the situation, let it go and move on.  The truth is, most of it won’t matter years from now.


Do Not Take Anything Or Anyone For Granted:

We all know that saying, we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone.  You think you have plenty of time, but we really don’t. Remember, nothing in your life is guaranteed to be there tomorrow and life can change in an instant.  Appreciate what you have now.


Appreciate And Be Grateful:

Be appreciative and grateful for right now and what you have at this moment because right now is all there is.



Love hard and love often.  Someone once told me that those who are not the easiest to love are the ones who need to be loved the most – they were right.  Love often for your heart is your biggest compass.


Love And Believe In Yourself:

The secret to happiness is the acceptance of yourself. When you love yourself, you do not need the approval of others.  There will be many that will tell you that your ideas or dreams can’t be done…it can be done, believe in you.  If you don’t believe in yourself, either will anyone else, so please love and believe in you – you are worth it!


Be Kind:

It is just as easy to give a smile to a stranger or be kind to someone than to be unkind…treat others the way you want to be treated with kindness. It is more important than being right. You never know what someone else is going through.


Forgive…Let It Go:

It is the best thing you can do for you.  Holding on to anger or resentment is like drinking poison and wanting the other person to die. Don’t let your heart be heavy…let it go, get out of the past.


There Are Different Levels of Intellect:

I have met some extremely intelligent people who do not have any social and emotional skills and have met people who did not graduate high school with more social skills and common sense.  Intelligence is not just about IQ.



Be Authentic and Honest:

Being authentic keeps you real – honor who you are so you can give your best to yourself and others.  When you are not being true to you, you feel it in your gut because you are not connected to your true self.  Be brave and come from the true place within that has no fear, just the truth.

I read once a life lived for tomorrow never comes, a life lived for yesterday never changes but a life lived for today is full of wonder and mystery.  I wish you all to live a full happy life and enjoy each precious moment.






  1. i really love this posting. thanks for sharing. first i really like your style of writing. and second: it’s a very important topic. i totally agree with you in every single point. looking forward to read more on your blog.

    xo, grey.

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