Bre’s Bucket List Update #2

October 10th, 2016 | Breanne Eckleberry 

Today is 6 weeks since I posted my Bucket List. I will be honest and say the past few weeks I haven’t been doing very much. Life gets in the way of things sometimes, but that’s okay as long as you can get back on track. I am starting to get back in the rhythm of things and plan on putting some checks on this list for sure! So let’s see where I’m at!

#1 – Completely unpack my house – this one, I feel, is taking me way too long! I have gotten more packed away though. I have quite a few totes left in the bedroom but everything else is basically done. All my clothes from storage (aside from the clothes that do not fit or I pimg_4469lan on getting rid of) have been washed and put away so that’s a huge step!

#2 – Clean out my closet – sell/donate – believe it or not I actually have been working on this! I have clothes put to the side, some I plan on trying to sell and some I plan on donating. All my shoes have already been sorted and I have even sold 3 pairs already! I also started going through my “accessories” this weekend and even posted them for sale.

#3 – Learn to cook – So last update I mentioned that I had made cold macaroni salad. This time I’m proud to announce that I have made deviled eggs!!! Okay, let’s be serious. I also made (shake & bake) pork chops with mashed potatoes as well as breaded chicken over pasta (with jarred sauce that I doctored up). Baby steps, right?

Photo is from Goodreads
#4 – Book Challenge – Here is another one I am completely slacking on! Last update I had just started Dear Daughter and I was almost done with A Dirty JobWell, I did finish A Dirty Job and then started a new book. (I

Photo is from Goodreads
always like to be reading 2 books a time). So now I have two books that I just barely put a dent in. Side goal, I will finish one by the end of the week! (I am currently at 1
4/25 books not including the 2 I have started)

#5 – Lose 10 pounds – I haven’t even attempted this one yet, but there’s good news! I was at the doctor’s office and when they weighed me I was down 5 pounds! The only logical explanation I have is my drinking has dramatically decreased. 5 down, 5 to go!! Yes!


6, 7, 8 and 9 – I am very sad to say that I haven’t touched them. I am starting to feel a little discouraged about visiting 10 parks. There are 11 weekends left; I will need to visit a new park almost every weekend. I hope my boyfriend and his daughter are up for this one! My credit cards are going to be tough also, my balance is just slightly higher than last time I updated.

#10 – Start and Finish Christmas Shopping early – I have two small gifts purchased already and a longer list of ideas. Slowly but surely I will get this tackled!

So there it is! My accomplishments (and failures) all out on the table. I am very excited to get myself back on track and I made a promise to myself (and to you) that my next update will show more progress than set backs!


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