Battle of the Boob

 November 3rd, 2016 | Mandi Mitchell 

Got milk?

Our society is one with many opinions. Recently, breastfeeding in public has become a huge controversy. The decisions you decide to make for your own child apparently warrant an opinion from everyone else. Whether you bottle feed or breastfeed, the decision is a personal one and is solely your choice.

This huge debate over whether a woman should or shouldn’t be allowed to breastfeed in public has gotten a bit out of hand. I think it’s safe to say some people are so defensive they don’t stop to listen to the whole argument. While some would say breastfeeding in public is disgusting, others argue that it’s completely natural. Rather than try to hear one another out we openly attack. I think the problem at hand isn’t moms who feed their kids in public but rather the women who do so while not covering up as to flaunt their milk filled boobies.

As a formula feeding mom, I can safely assure you that we ALL know the benefits of breastfeeding and the convenience of formula feeding. There’s no need to beat a dead horse. The issue at hand here isn’t whether one’s breastmilk is healthier than formula but rather, is it okay for you to feed your child in public from your breast WHILE being exposed?

Don’t attack me just yet! I haven’t chastised any of you mamas who breastfeed, in fact, I give you a lot of credit. It’s a lot of work having to be on ‘booby-call’ constantly.

I’m sure we have all had a run in with a mother and her hungry child while at the park, mall or local coffee shop at one point. In all honesty, how did it make you feel? Was she covered up? Was she letting her boobs fly free? Were you uncomfortable? I have seen many mothers feeding their infants in public, some while covered up and some exposed. To be quite honest, it doesn’t phase me AS LONG AS SHE IS DISCREET. A simple nursing cover goes a long way. I am not going to lie and say that it wasn’t awkward watching little baby Joey go to town during his afternoon feeding while his mom was exposed to the world.

Our culture, society, and media have made women’s breasts purely sexual. It shouldn’t be any wonder why it’s taboo to see a woman lift her shirt and show her breast. I ask you this, would it be okay if you were out and saw random women lift their shirts up? We have a name for those kinds of girls. Maybe that’s what the problem is. We associate one thing that should be natural with pure sexuality because it’s what has been drilled into our heads.

Maybe, it isn’t that all of the society trying to chastise breastfeeding mothers, but rather asking for some kind of discretion so everyone else isn’t uncomfortable with their life choice. In doing so, one party feels attacked while the other feels unheard.

No one is asking you to hide in a bathroom stall, that’s just horrible if they do. I know I don’t want a table for two in the stall where someone just left their remains of breakfast.

There are so many points to made for each sides argument: women show cleavage on a day to day basis and that’s okay, while music videos flaunt women’s breasts for men’s satisfaction. With arguments like these, it doesn’t make sense as to why one is okay but not the other.

I blame this whole issue on society. We don’t think twice about women who walk around with provocative clothes but we harp on women who breastfeed. I think the main reason why breastfeeding is getting so much negative attention is due to the fact that it isn’t that common of a daily occurrence. I also think the women who flaunt it and don’t cover up are the ones who are giving all the breastfeeding moms a bad name.

Again, what you do with your own child is solely your decision, I think the reason it got out of hand was because a few mamas stirred up some drama and tried to create a ‘war.’ I think if we’re all mindful of others around us and respect each other, things wouldn’t be out of hand.

I don’t understand why, as grown adults WITH children, we need to attack each other and find things to fight about. If you want to breastfeed, then breastfeed. It’s a natural, healthy thing. If you want to formula feed, then formula feed. No one should be demonized for the decisions they make for their own child.

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About The Writer: Mandi is a millennial mom of three handsome boys, who keep her on her toes! Parenting is a new adventure every day, and she is comically sharing these experiences with us. You can also check out more of Mandi’s work here:


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