Getting Into a Weekend Routine

November 11th, 2016 | Breanne Eckleberry


When you work a Monday through Friday job it’s almost impossible not to fall into some kind of weekday routine. Every morning you wake up and have your coffee, make your breakfast/lunch, go to work, come home and cook and eat dinner, clean up, maybe do a load of laundry or clean the kitchen floor, watch some TV then wake up and do it all over again. For some of you, the gym or yoga may be in there somewhere; me … I’m still working on that part!

Now, what about the weekends? Do you ever get settled in to relax on Sunday night and feel like the weekend just flew by and you accomplished nothing? It’s so easy to let those 48 hours pass and feel like they never happened. That’s why, I’m advising a weekend routine! You do it five days a week, why not extend it to your weekend?img_0054

I’ve put together my very “fun and exciting” routine for you!

Friday nights are for winding down.

In my house, Friday night is a quick and easy dinner followed by some wine, family time and a fire in the yard. All our friends and family know where we’ll be. It’s a cheap night “out” and we get to wind down from our hectic work week with people we love. The kids enjoy playing in the yard, the adults enjoy some beverages … what is better than that?

Saturday Mornings are for errands.

Now, when you work Monday through Friday like me you usually don’t have time during the week to visit places like the bank or the post office. That’s why I love Saturdays! I wake up early and have my coffee, make my food shopping list (with all my coupons I clipped the previous Sunday), throw in a load of laundry, do some cleaning up from Friday night and get ready for the day. Now I usually have a lot of time do all this being my boyfriend sleeps in. I take this time to visit the grocery store, the library and post office along with any other stops I may need to make along the way. His daughter comes with me and while she may not always enjoy spending an hour and a half in Shop rite, I know she enjoys running around with me. I like having my Saturday mornings designated to these errands every week; I know what needs to be done and it gets done. If I waited until I “felt like it” let’s face it, it’d never get done!

Saturday afternoons are for play.

Once all the errands are done, it’s time to play! Saturdays are the best days to plan your fun activities; whether you are going to the park, painting outside, maybe taking an overnight trip somewhere. You can plan your children’s play dates, take your puppy to the dog park or walk around your local flea market! I like planning all these activities Saturday knowing I still have a FULL day ahead of me to relax from the long day I had. At night, we usually cook a nice dinner and watch movies until it’s bed time.

Sundays are for rest … and cleaning.

My Sunday mornings are usually designated to reading and clipping coupons while everyone sleeps in. (I am just loads of fun!!)  We usually have a big “breakfast” late in the morning once the rest of the house is up and spend the day lounging around. I get all my laundry and cleaning done for the week, watch Football if it’s that time of year, and stay in my PJs long after I should. Sundays usually wind down with a nice, long bubble bath and more TV than I care to admit. I’ve always believed Sundays were for rest … and cleaning.img_0055

My Sunday goal.

While I already enjoy my weekend routines, there’s always room for improvement. my goal … meal prep. I would love to be able to make some frozen crock pot meals to assist during the weekly struggle of coming home and cooking. My boyfriend and I both work full time and while I’m home around 5:15 everyday, he sometimes won’t be home until 8 o’clock. It would be nice if maybe 2 or 3 days a week we could just pop a frozen crock pot meal in and have dinner ready for both of us when we get home.

Take my routine and make it your own! Once you get into this habit your dreaded Sunday nights wont feel so bad!


About The Writer: “My name is Breanne and I am your (mostly) average 27-year-old female just trying to get by. I like to curse, drink and walk around with no pants on. I love the shit out of the people close to me and honestly, they’re pretty fond of me as well. My boyfriend Tom is my best friend. I drive him crazy ALL THE TIME, but he loves it. How boring would life be if your partner didn’t make you want to hang them outside every once in a while? That’s how I see it anyway.”



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